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Last Callsign Searches: VE2DQU ZX2D LY17LP 7Q7BP DJ2BW TM2H PY1EPU IW2GNQ D1HQ SV2/OK1XGL/P (3271 in last 24 hours)
Last User Comments: SQ5HG YF1AR YE1AR PY4WL 9G5W HI9/F5PLR PA3AMR RK6DU NE8S VP8JLL (0 in last 24 hours)
Last Admin Updates: PX2V OQ800SINT/P OE6FLORIAN N7ET/DU7 MU/ON8CW/P MU/ON4ANN IT9/OK1DDR IT9/IZ2WFL HF27PLI FP/G7VJR (30 in last 24 hours)

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