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Last Callsign Searches: 2E0NKC OM/HA7JJS IK6IWF A22BT M7DWJ EH3ARRL RA3AK VK2IGH W1AW/KL7 EG7FFM (9046 in last 24 hours)
Last User Comments: LX90RTL SP3BOP ON3PAT A22BT DK6CW DF7FE TA3EF M0RYK PY2ZA DF7TV (0 in last 24 hours)
Last Admin Updates: DJ5OP DH5AAK DD4WS DC1DP DL6IZ SP2MKO DF9QM OE3GQW DB2XY DL3SM (16 in last 24 hours)

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