qslinfo.de / qslinfo.eu - API access

There are currently the following ways to query the database from other software. If you need to query data that is not covered by the API, just drop me a line.

REST interface

A query to https://www.qslinfo.de/api/v1/call/{callsign} returns the information for the queried callsign in JSON format.

DXSpider legacy interface

DXspider can query the database by the command sh/db0mdx if configured properly.

A HTTP POST request needs to be sent to https://www.qslinfo.de/qslinfo.asmx, containing at least <callsign>QUERY_CALL<callsign>. It will return a reply in XML format.

CLX legacy interface

CLX queries the database via the following URL (callsign passed as GET parameter): https://www.qslinfo.de/directsearch/directsearch.aspx?call=8Q7ZZ